Durovis Dive 5 overview

The Durovis Dive 5 is a smartphone VR headset made by Durovis, a manufacturer based in Germany.

This cheap VR headset for phone is compatible with smartphones (under 5 x 2.59 x 0.59 inches). It is compatible with Android and iOS thanks to its free magnet activator.

The user sometimes has to reboot the display to reset the sensors.

Dive 5 main features

  • Adjustable strap: for a more comfortable user experience.
  • IDP adjustment & Lens-to-Eye adjustment: adapts to the sight of the user.
  • Lightweight design: releases pressure from the front of the user’s head.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android apps: a free magnet activator offers full Cardboard app compatibility for both iOS and Android apps.

Durovis Dive 5 price

This cheap VR headset is available at the manufacturing price of €11,90 (see on Amazon).

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