Durovis Dive 7 overview

The Durovis Dive 7 is a VR headset for tablets made by Durovis, a manufacturer based in Germany.

The Tango is an augmented reality platform that enables smartphones and tablets to detect their own position. This VR headset targets developers. The German company wants to enhance the work on the advantages of motion tracking sensors and create VR apps with mobile positional tracking on the platform.

The design is big and heavy (421g). The user’s critics pinpoint that the lenses don’t stay in place because of the low plastic quality.

The tablets under 127mm width and 17mm depth fit this VR headset.

Dive 7 main features

  • Adjustable strap: for a more comfortable user experience.
  • IDP adjustment & Lens-to-Eye adjustment: adapts to the sight of the user.

Durovis Dive 7 price

This cheap VR headset is available at the manufacturer price of €29.75.

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