FOVE FOVE 0 overview

The FOVE 0 is a tethered virtual reality headset made by FOVE, a manufacturer from Japan.

This VR headset offers eye tracking, a feature that is relatively uncommon on the VR market. FOVE uses two 120 Hz infrared cameras within the headset to track the user’s gaze.

It is therefore possible to view objects with varying depths. Furthermore, the headset reduces the quality of the graphics that aren’t in the user’s gaze, providing better resolution to what the user is visually focusing on.

FOVE VR headset main features

  • Eye tracking: provides an immersive sense of presence and enables users to experience in-game depth of field.
  • SteamVR: FOVE HMD users have access to content from SteamVR, and the headset is compatible with many game engines (Unity, Xenko, etc.).
  • Position tracking camera (optional): for better positional tracking.

PC recommendations for FOVE VR

The FOVE VR headset requires a high-end PC with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

For an optimal experience, FOVE recommends computers with either NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 GPUs. The user’s PC should also have Intel Core i5-4590 CPU (or greater).

FOVE 0 price

This virtual reality HMD is available at the manufacturer price of $599. The FOVE is available in black or white.

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