The GenBasic Quad HD is a standalone virtual reality headset made by GenBasic, a manufacturer based in the US. This all-in-one VR headset runs on Android 5.1, but it's also possible to plug it into any PC or gaming console via HDMI. There are buttons on top of the headset to control the device and navigate through VR content. User reviews are negative regarding the lack of comfort and limited game compatibility.

Quad HD headset main features

  • Standalone and plug-and-play: the Quad HD is compatible with the Google Play Store and its many VR applications. It is also possible to plug it into any device with an HDMI cable, and therefore to access more platforms. However, according to users, not many games are compatible with this VR headset.
  • Built-in headphones: for a more immersive VR experience.
  • Compatible with additional controllers: this headset is compatible with most third-party controllers.
  • Blue-light filter: enables a more safe and comfortable experience for the user.

GenBasic Quad HD price

This standalone VR headset is available at the price of $199 (see on Amazon). Discover other standalone VR headsets and AR glasses with our comparison engine.