Google Daydream View overview

The Google Daydream View (2016) is a smartphone VR headset made by Google.

A more recent version of this mobile virtual reality headset is available, the Daydream View 2 (2017). The latter provides a wider FoV (Field of View) and more comfort.

This wireless VR headset is compatible with Google’s Pixel smartphones as well as smartphones from other brands.

Daydream View (2016) main features

  • Daydream controller: for more intuitive control in-game.
  • Comfort: users can wear this headset over their glasses. It is also possible to remove the soft fabric liner to wash it when necessary.
  • Daydream content platform: users have access to hundreds of games and VR apps.

Google Daydream View price

This Google smartphone VR headset is available at the manufacturer price of $79 (see on Amazon). It is available in three different colors: Snow, Slate, and Crimson.

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