The Google Glass Enterprise Edition (also known as "EE") are augmented reality glasses made by Google, a popular international technology company from the United States. This AR device is a follow-up product to the Google Glass and Google Glass Explorer Edition from the same manufacturer. Google's EE now has 32GB of memory, an improvement from the 16GB on the original Google Glass. In addition, these AR smartglasses include 2GB RAM. The battery life of these Google EE AR smartglasses has also been extended, therefore the device can be used for 8 hours before it requires a recharge. The camera button on the Google Glass Enterprise Edition has also been modified and acts as a release switch so the user can remove the Glass Pod from the frame. Thus, users may attach these AR glasses to safety goggles and use them on the manufacturing/processing floor of a business.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition main features

  • Voice commands: users can control key functions via audio commands, without selecting buttons manually.
  • Built-in earphones: for a more immersive user experience.
  • Lightweight: weighing only 36 grams, offering a comfortable experience for users.
  • Battery pack: for extended battery life and prolonged use.

Improvements from the Google Glass:

  • Hinge sensor (for determining whether the hinge is open or closed)
  • Assisted GPS
  • Faster and more reliable WiFi
  • Faster processor
  • Camera upgraded from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels

Google Glass EE price

These AR smartglasses are suitable for enterprise-level users. Please contact the manufacturer for more information. Discover other AR headsets as well as VR headsets with our comparison engine. We also have a guide on the best VR headsets.