Homido Grab overview

The Homido Grab is a virtual reality headset for smartphones made by Homido, a manufacturer based in France.

Different colors are available: black, red, white, blue, yellow and pink.

This VR headset is a VR viewer, meaning it has no adjustable strap and the user have to hold it to his face.

Homido VR headset main features

  • Action button: the VR headset has a built-in action button to control the smartphone without having to remove the headset.
  • Works with Google cardboard: there is an access to Google Cardboard’s full range of available VR apps.
  • Homido’s VR Center: apps, games and videos are available on Google Play or App Store.

Homido Grab price

This cheap VR headset is available at the manufacturer price of €29.99 (see on Amazon).

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