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Mini Mini Product description: A 3D printer with a maximum build size of mm, manufactured by Homido. Customer reviews:
Review of the Mini 3D printer. - by , Apr 6, 2018
4.2/ 5stars
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Basic specs Price: $ 1412 €11 £1,582 ¥
Manufacturer Homido
Category Smartphone VR
Field of view (FOV) 85°
Release date 2016
Country France
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Homido Mini review

The Homido Mini is a cheap VR headset made by Homido, a manufacturer based in France.

This clip-on VR headset is set up as soon as users have clip down the center of the smartphone to the headset.

Homido VR headset main features

  • Easy to transport: the Homido Mini headset fits in the user’s pocket since it is foldable.
  • Easy access to the screen: there is no need to remove or open up the VR headset to tap on the onscreen menu or to switch applications.
  • Homido’s VR Center: apps, games and videos downloadable on Google Play or App Store.

Homido Mini price

The Homido VR headset is available at the manufacturer price of $14.99 (see on Amazon).

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Model Mini
Manufacturer Homido
Price $ 1412 €11 £1,582 ¥
Release date 2016
Country France
Status Available
Category Smartphone VR


Display type
Refresh rate
Field of view (FOV) 85°

VR/AR Experience

Room scale No
360° tracking Yes
Positional tracking No
Built-in front camera No
Eye tracking No
Hand tracking No


Usable with glasses Yes
Cooling system No
Built-in headphones No
Built-in microphone No
Flip-up visor No
Voice command No


Screen size (mobile) 4.5 inches
OS (mobile) Android, iOS


Weight 22 g0.78 oz
Dimensions 105 × 53 × 70 mm4.13 × 2.09 × 2.76 in
Battery life
IPD adjustment No
Lens-to-eye adjustment No


Micro USB No
DisplayPort No
mini DisplayPort No
Micro SD Card No
Bluetooth No
Wifi No
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Homido Mini tests and ratings

4.2 / 5