Homido V2 overview

The Homido V2 is a budget smartphone VR headset made by Homido, a manufacturer from France.

This wireless VR headset is compatible with most smartphones. The phone’s screen size must be between 4.7″ and 6″. For an optimal experience, the screen should have a 1440-pixel resolution, but the minimum requirement is 720 pixels.

V2 headset main features

  • Homido VRCenter: users have access to VR content on Android and iOS with Homido’s proprietary VRCenter app.
  • Carrying case: this smartphone headset comes with a carrying case, for safe and easy transportation.
  • Adaptability: it is possible to adjust the V2’s headstrap, IPD (interpupillary distance), and focal length.
  • Transparent front: enables users to also use augmented reality applications.

Homido V2 price

This smartphone virtual reality headset is available at the price of $60 (see on Amazon).

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