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Basic specs Price: $ 650556 €497 £73,460 ¥
Metascore β€”
Model VIVE Focus
Manufacturer HTC
Category Standalone VR
Resolution 2880 Γ— 1600 px
Field of view (FOV) 110Β°
Release date 2018
Country Taiwan

HTC VIVE Focus review

TheΒ HTC VIVE Focus is a standalone VR headset made by HTC, a world-famous technology manufacturer from Taiwan. HTC’s VIVE Focus is one of the first standalone VR headsets to have 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom).

VIVE Focus users have access to VIVE Wave, HTC’s open content platform. This platform integrates the content that is already present on the HTC VIVEPORT platform.

VIVE Focus VR headset main features

  • Inside-out 6DoF: this wireless VR headset provides 6 degrees of freedom without the need for external sensors or lighthouses. This is possible thanks to the headset’s dual front cameras.
  • 3DoF controller: a Bluetooth controller comes with this virtual reality headset (switching to 6DoF mode is possible).
  • Removable leather face cushion: enables users to easily clean the face cushion when necessary.
  • microSD card slot: users have the possibility to access up to 2 TB additional storage.
  • Built-in microphone and speakers: for more immersion. There is also a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack if users wish to use their own earphones.

VIVE Focus 2.0 software updates:

  • 6DoF controller mode
  • PC VR streaming function
  • Basic gesture tracking functionality
  • Passenger mode allows for extra battery life
  • Additional HTC smartphone-to-headset features

HTC VIVE Focus price

The VIVE Focus is available either in Electric Blue or in Almond White for $650. This standalone virtual reality headset comes with a controller.

HTC also manufactures the VIVE and the VIVE Pro. Discover more VR headsets with our VR headset comparison engine.

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HTC VIVE Focus tests and ratings
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Clan Virtu


Model VIVE Focus
Manufacturer HTC
Metascore β€”
Price $ 650556 €497 £73,460 ¥
Release date 2018
Country Taiwan
Status Available
Category Standalone VR


Display type AMOLED
Resolution 2880 Γ— 1600 px
Refresh rate 75 Hz
Field of view (FOV) 110Β°

VR/AR Experience

Room scale Yes
360Β° tracking Yes
Positional tracking Yes
Built-in front camera Yes
Eye tracking β€”
Hand tracking Yes


Usable with glasses β€”
Cooling system β€”
Built-in headphones β€”
Built-in microphone Yes
Flip-up visor β€”
Voice command β€”


Min CPU (Processor) β€”
Min GPU (Graphic Processor) β€”
Min RAM (Memory) β€”
OS β€”


Weight β€”
Dimensions β€”
Battery life 3 h
IPD adjustment β€”
Lens-to-eye adjustment Yes


Micro USB β€”
DisplayPort β€”
mini DisplayPort β€”
HDMI β€”
Micro SD Card β€”
Bluetooth Yes
Wifi Yes
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