The HTC VIVE Pro is a premium VR headset made by HTC, a world-famous tech manufacturer from Taiwan. According to the manufacturer, this 3K headset provides a professional-grade virtual reality experience. Users have access to both SteamVR and VIVEPORT content platforms for games (including Fallout 4 VR), apps, movies, and more. HTC recommends using high-end gaming PCs from brands such as MSi, Alienware, and HP. It is also possible to use any computer that meets HTC's computer specs recommendations.

VIVE Pro HMD main features

  • 6DoF and 360° tracking: for a more immersive experience.
  • Built-in audio: the VIVE Pro's Hi-Res audio headphones offer immersive sound.
  • Noise-cancelling, dual microphones: enabling voice control and communication with other players.
  • Weight distribution design: this headset is designed to have optimized ergonomics and an optimal center of gravity, for more comfort.
  • Chaperone: the headset generates a virtual outline of its environment to prevent users from bumping into walls or furniture.

VIVE Pro software update 2.0

  • AR-enabled: allows for the VIVE Pro's two front-mounted cameras to stream live video onto the display, enabling augmented reality on this VR headset.

Main VIVE Pro accessories (optional)

  • VIVE controllers: for more intuitive in-game control.
  • Wireless adapter: Intel WiGig technology eliminates the need for cable connections, therefore enabling users to move more freely.
  • Base stations: having multiple base stations allows users to expand their tracking space.


The HTC VIVE features one front camera, whereas the Pro version features two front cameras. Furthermore, the VIVE Pro has a 78% increase in resolution (2880 x 1600 vs. 2160 x 1200). The face cushions also boast a new design, for more comfort and to block more light. It is possible to see more differences between the VIVE and VIVE Pro with our side-by-side comparison tool.

HTC VIVE Pro price

The VIVE Pro is available at the manufacturer price of $799 (see on Amazon). This price does not include controllers, base stations or the VIVE wireless adapter. HTC also manufactures the VIVE Focus, a standalone VR headset. Discover other VR headsets with our comparison engine.