The iDudu VR is a virtual reality headset for smartphones by iDudu, a manufacturer based in China. This mobile VR headset features a comfortable design with an adjustable strap as well as IPD adjustment and lens-to-eye adjustment. User reviews are positive regarding this affordable VR headset's adjustable design and earphones, along with the comfort.

iDudu headset main features

  • Smartphone and app compatibility: this smartphone VR headset is compatible with most smartphones, with screen sizes from 4.0" to 6.2". It is also possible to access the large variety of apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Comfortable design: the iDudu VR headset comes with an adjustable strap and is lightweight.
  • Adjustable audio: there are built-in stereo speakers, and the headphones can be adjusted to the user's ears.
  • IPD and lens-to-eye adjustment: the VR headset adapts to short-sighted (0-800°) and far-sighted (0-400°) myopia.
  • Voice button: it is possible to answer phone calls easily and to adjust the volume thanks to a special button on the headset.

iDudu VR price

The iDudu VR is available at the manufacturer price of $54 (see on Amazon). Discover other VR headsets as well as AR glasses with our comparison engine.