The Leap Motion North Star is an open-source AR headset by Leap Motion, the gesture interface company based in San Francisco, US. The company doesn't sell the headset, only the software and the design of the AR headset under an open-source license for developers. The Project North Star is an AR device that comes with Leap Motion sensors. These sensors enable the user to interact with augmented reality with their hands. The hand-tracking system tracks at 150 Hz over a 180 x 180-degree area. This AR device is a prototype that features 100° FOV, a high refresh rate (120 FPS) and 1600 x 1440p resolution per-eye.

Users who tried the open-source Leap Motion AR headset prototype enjoy the tracking quality of the software. They also like the augmented windows that have a realistic sense of interaction, and that are adjustable to the eye convergence.

On the other hand, there is no room-scaling. Also, the design of the headset is really big and bulky.

Project North Star main features

  • Built-in hand tracking: the technology allows the user to grab and interact with virtual objects with precision.
  • Wide FOV: the hand-tracking system's scope is wide (180 degrees horizontal and vertical) which provides a realistic sense of interaction. Also, the North Star has a 100° FOV, which is wide for an AR device.
  • High resolution: the 3.5-inch LCD displays with a resolution of 1600 x 1440 pixels per eye provide an immersive and comfortable experience.
  • Directional speakers: the speakers provide localized audio feedback for the user.

Leap Motion North Star price

Contact Leap Motion to obtain a quote for the software and the hardware of this prototype. Discover other AR glasses as well as VR headsets with our comparison engine.