LG UltraGear VR overview

The LG UltraGear VR is a high-end tethered VR headset by LG, a South Korean company.

The UltraGear VR is designed to meet the specifications of Valve, the company behind the Steam gaming platform.

UltraGear VR main features

  • 110° FOV: for a more immersive experience.
  • LG-built AMOLED panel: this headset features 1,440 x 1,280 displays per eye with 500 ppi.
  • Eye tracking: to allow the brightness of the display to match the user’s gaze.
  • Passthrough camera: to allow mixed reality experiences.
  • Controllers: based on Valve’s Viper, these will allow for a more immersive user experience.

LG UltraGear VR price

This VR headset is not currently available for commercial sale as it is a prototype. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

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