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MagiMask Ludenso VR/AR headsets

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Overview Full specs
Basic specs Price: $ 9985 €76 £11,189 ¥
Metascore β€”
Manufacturer Ludenso
Category AR glasses
Requirement Android, iOS
Resolution β€”
Field of view (FOV) β€”
Release date 2019
Country Norway
Full specs

Ludenso MagiMask review

The Ludenso MagiMask is an affordable augmented reality headset for smartphones made by Ludenso, a manufacturer from Norway. Ludenso was formerly known as MovieMask.

Users can also use the AR headset to watch films and TV shows for an immersive cinematic experience.

MagiMask main features

  • Customized tracking: users can make use of a bespoke tracking system with MagiTile, MagiKard, and MagiDice markers, thus providing AR-optimized surface tracking.
  • High-resolution optics: this AR headset offers users a crisp AR experience via a single lens.
  • Access to a large variety of AR apps:Β the smartphone AR headset is compatible with popular in-store and bespoke AR apps.

Ludenso MagiMask price

This low-cost augmented reality headset’s manufacturer starting price is $99 via its Kickstarter page.

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Model MagiMask
Manufacturer Ludenso
Metascore β€”
Price $ 9985 €76 £11,189 ¥
Release date 2019
Country Norway
Status Coming soon
Category AR glasses
Requirement Android, iOS
Content platform Apple Store, Google Play Store


Display type β€”
Resolution β€”
Refresh rate β€”
Field of view (FOV) β€”
Field of view (vertical) β€”

VR/AR Experience

Room scale Yes
360Β° tracking Yes
Positional tracking Yes
Built-in front camera Yes
Eye tracking No
Hand tracking No
Proximity sensor No
3D scanning No


Usable with glasses No
Cooling system No
Built-in headphones No
Built-in microphone No


Optional controller β€”
Compatible with third-party controllers No


Min CPU (Processor) β€”
Min GPU (Graphic Processor) β€”
Min RAM (Memory) β€”
OS β€”
Screen size (mobile) β€”
OS (mobile) Android, iOS


Weight β€”
Dimensions 200 Γ— 200 Γ— 110 mm7.87 Γ— 7.87 Γ— 4.33 in
Battery life β€”
Fit Adjustable strap
Build materials ABS plastic and soft foam
IPD adjustment No
Lens-to-eye adjustment No


Micro USB No
DisplayPort No
mini DisplayPort No
Micro SD Card No
Bluetooth No
Wifi No