The Magic Leap One is a popular standalone mixed reality headset made by Magic Leap, based in Florida, United States. Magic Leap has famously raised more than $2 billion in funding since 2011 to develop mixed reality, with huge technology companies and investment funds supporting the development of the Magic Leap One. These MR goggles are arguably one of the most hyped products within VR, AR or MR. The wearable MR device features a tethered Lightpack, which is a trademarked high-powered processing and graphics portable mini PC. Lightpack also includes a power button, LEDs and a USB port that is primarily used for charging. Features of this mixed reality headset include advanced eye-tracking. Therefore, the MR device knows where the user is looking and tracks their gaze, with even blinks serving as a command function for the user. Furthermore, user input methods include head posing, gesture controls and voice commands. The Magic Leap Control is the name of the controller for the MR goggles. The controller includes force control and haptic feedback, therefore allowing for a better sensory experience. In addition, Control features a single USB-C port, a touchpad and LED lights to offer information about what the device is doing. The mixed reality headset is available in two sizes: standard and large.

Magic Leap One main features

  • 6DoF: offering a truly immersive MR experience.
  • Interchangeable components: allows for better user comfort with replaceable browband, and the nose clip.
  • Lightfield technology: enables lifelike digital objects to be seen within the real-world environment.
  • Lightpack: allows the user the freedom to operate and experience the mixed reality headset untethered from a desktop PC.

Magic Leap One price

The Magic Leap One is available at the manufacturer price of $2,295. Discover more MR headsets as well as VR and AR devices with our comparison engine.