The Mattel View-Master is a virtual reality headset for smartphones made by Mattel, a toy manufacturer based in the US. This easy-to-use VR headset is suitable for kids over 7 years old. Users must hold the device up to their face as there are no head straps. This is voluntary so that children do not use the View-Master for too long, avoiding extensive screen exposure. The View-Master viewer is compatible with all smartphones with a maximum screen size of 6 inches. Users enjoy this budget VR headset for the nostalgia of the old-school View-Master, but also because the design is sturdy and kid-friendly.

View-Master VR viewer main features

  • Built-in speaker: it is possible to play VR games and watch videos with sound.
  • Preview Reel: the View-Master VR Viewer comes with QR codes to provide access to demo apps.
  • Resistant, kid-friendly design: according to the manufacturer, the headset and smartphone may withstand accidental falls.

Mattel View-Master price

This affordable VR viewer is available at the manufacturer price of $29.99 (see on Amazon). Mattel also manufactures the View-Master Deluxe. Discover other VR headsets for smartphones with our comparison engine.