The Meta 2 is an augmented reality headset by Meta, a company based in the US. The Meta company is no longer in operation. Dell and Meta became partners in 2018 to make the Meta 2 compatible with a number of Dell professional PCs, including Dell Precision workstations and the Dell Canvas. This is a tethered AR headset meant to replace 2D desktop displays. Therefore, this Meta headset requires a constant PC connection. Meta have also partnered with ZeroLight and Ultrahaptics who develop haptic feedback. That means the Meta 2 can allow users to engage and touch holograms in the AR experience.

Meta AR headset main features

  • 90° FOV: for a more immersive experience.
  • Hand interaction and positional tracking: to interact and manipulate 3D holographic content.
  • 2.5K resolution: for high definition, photorealistic content.

Meta 2 price

This professional AR headset is no longer available. Discover more AR glasses with our comparison engine.