The Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality HMD (head-mounted display) made by Microsoft, a multinational technology company based in the US. According to Microsoft, their HoloLens smartglasses integrate "more computing power than the average laptop". This allows for a completely wireless experience, requiring no external cameras or connection to a PC. User reviews mention the rather low, 35-degree FOV (field of view) as one of this device's few remarkable downsides. Also, the HoloLens headset's battery life is 2 to 2.5 hours.

Microsoft HoloLens: professional applications

At this price tag, the HoloLens focuses more on professionals than consumers, although it is available for everyone. Microsoft highlights numerous industries for which the HoloLens is suitable, from manufacturing and retail to healthcare and education. This self-contained, holographic computer allows for increased productivity, collaboration, and 3D design. Developers may create their own mixed reality applications or access existing content with the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

HoloLens main features

  • Ease of use: users may easily control the MR smartglasses thanks to gesturing and gaze tracking as well as voice support. The headset is able to accurately map and interact with the users' environment thanks to various sensors and depth cameras.
  • Holographic lenses: the head-mounted display features two transparent lenses (or "waveguides") with automatic IPD calibration.
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit: the HoloLens is adjustable and designed to balance the headset's weight.
  • Built-in speakers with spatial sound: 3D audio enables users to detect where sounds come from, without blocking external sounds. There is also an audio jack for users to plug in their own earphones.

Microsoft HoloLens price

The Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition is available at the manufacturer price of $3,000, while the Commercial Suite is available for $5,000. Microsoft now manufactures the HoloLens 2. Discover other AR, MR, and VR headsets with our comparison engine.