North Focals overview

The North Focals are a pair of AR glasses made by North, a manufacturer from Canada.  The manufacturer was formerly called Thalmic Labs.

These augmented reality smart glasses have a customized built-in version of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Thus the AR glasses are voice activated.

However, these Alexa-enabled AR glasses can also connect to users’ devices via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth and operate iOS and Android apps and project a holographic display.

Users need to schedule an appointment with the manufacturer to have the correctly sized customized Focals designed to fit the users head and face.

Focals main features

  • Customized fit: thus, offers users an ideal fit for their head and face.
  • Loop controller: allows the users to wear this 4-directional joystick on their index finger, and control the AR functions.

North Focals price

The North Focals are available for the manufacturer price of $999.

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