The Nreal Light are a pair of lightweight mixed reality glasses made by Nreal, a tech startup based in China. Their fashionable design and light weight make them stand out, as they look almost like regular spectacles and can thus be worn easily in various situations. The Light mixed reality wearable features Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms which allows for inside-out tracking, in addition to two onboard cameras which provide for a seamless mixed reality experience. In addition, users also are provided with a controller (3DoF) called Oreo which offers haptic feedback. These MR glasses must be tethered to an external device, Nreal Light’s proprietary tethered external computing pack (Android-powered). The pack provides about 3 hours of usage. Users can also replace the lenses for prescription lenses. Furthermore, adjustable pads are available to allow for a more comfortable fit. The 53-degree FOV (field of view) is wider than what most mixed reality devices on the market offer.

Light MR glasses main features

  • Oreo controller: allows for easy control of MR apps and a better MR experience via the haptic feedback.
  • Inside-out tracking: the Light are able to track the user's position without the need for external sensors.
  • Lightweight MR: these mixed reality glasses weigh only 85 grams, allowing for prolonged use. Users can also adjust the magnetic nose support for a better fit.
  • Wide FOV: for a mixed reality device, the 53 degrees FOV is considered wide, thus providing users with a more engaging MR experience.
  • Voice-activated: users can give voice commands and utilize spatial audio with the Light.
  • Built-in speakers with spatial sound: 3D audio enables users to detect where sounds come from, offering a true MR experience. Users can also opt for Bluetooth speakers.

Nreal Light price

The Nreal Light are expected to be priced around $1,000. Discover other MR headsets with our mixed reality comparison engine.