The Occipital Bridge is a mixed reality headset for iPhones made by Occipital, a technology manufacturer from the US. This headset requires the user's iPhone (6S and up) as well as the Occipital Structure Sensor, a mobile 3D scanning device.

Bridge AR/VR headset main features

One of this VR headset's most interesting features is its ability to switch between augmented reality and virtual reality. Other notable features include:
  • 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom): for a more immersive experience.
  • Inside-out tracking: the headset is able to track the user's position and provide room-scale without the need for external cameras.

Occipital Bridge price

This mixed reality headset is available at the manufacturer price of $399. The price without the Structure Sensor (for users that already own one) is $179. Discover other VR headsets as well as AR glasses with our comparison engine.