The Razer HDK2 is a tethered VR HMD manufactured by Razer, a famous gaming brand in the e-sports world, with headquarters in the US and Singapore. The HDK2 (which stands for Hacker Development Kit), is suitable for gaming enthusiasts and developers that wish to tinker with the headset. It is part of the OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) project.

HDK2 VR headset main features

  • Open-source: users can tinker with this headset and test custom configurations. The mainboard is re-programmable.
  • Fast setup: the HDK Windows Installer provides fast access to OSVR games on the Steam content platform.
  • Individual eye focus: to use the headset without eyeglasses (+4.5 to -2 degrees).
It is possible to order this headset with variations, including an IR camera (100 Hz), surround sound, and Leap Motion technology.

Razer HDK2 price

This open-source VR headset is available at the price of $399 (see on Amazon). Discover more VR headsets with our comparison engine.