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zSight Sensics

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Overview Full specs
Basic specs Price: $ 1,000 - $ 10,0001 000 € - 10 000 €765 £ - 7,647 £113,016 ¥ - 1,130,160 ¥
Manufacturer Sensics
Category Tethered VR
Requirement PC
Resolution 1280 × 1024 px (per eye)
Field of view (FOV) 60°
Release date 2011
Country United States
Full specs

Sensics zSight review

The Sensics zSight is a professional tethered VR headset made by Sensics, a manufacturer based in Maryland in the US. Sensics mainly targets professionals with its range of VR headsets.

Sensics also manufactures the zSight-FL version for training and simulation applications.

This 60° FOV VR headset features dual OLED 1280 x 1024 pixel displays.

zSight main features

  • Plug-n-play configuration: it is easy for professional users to install this VR HMD.
  • OSVR: users may access VR games and experiences via the OSVR content platform.
  • Built-in headphones: for a more immersive user experience.
  • Eye-tracking (optional): sensors detect and track the user’s gaze for more control and immersion.
  • Augmented reality add-on (optional): it is possible to add AR cameras to the VR headset.

An optional battery is also available.

Sensics zSight price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this professional VR headset.

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Model zSight
Manufacturer Sensics
Price $ 1,000 - $ 10,0001 000 € - 10 000 €765 £ - 7,647 £113,016 ¥ - 1,130,160 ¥
Release date 2011
Country United States
Status Available
Category Tethered VR
Requirement PC
Content platform OSVR


Display type OLED
Resolution 1280 × 1024 px (per eye)
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Field of view (FOV) 60°
Field of view (vertical)

VR/AR Experience

Room scale No
360° tracking Yes
Positional tracking No
Built-in front camera No
Eye tracking Yes
Hand tracking No
Proximity sensor No
3D scanning No


Usable with glasses Yes
Cooling system No
Built-in headphones Yes
Built-in microphone Yes


Optional controller
Compatible with third-party controllers No


Min CPU (Processor)
Min GPU (Graphic Processor)
Min RAM (Memory)
OS Microsoft Windows
Screen size (mobile)
OS (mobile)


Weight 400 g14.11 oz
Battery life
Fit Adjustable strap
Build materials Plastics, Foam
IPD adjustment Yes
Lens-to-eye adjustment No


Micro USB No
DisplayPort No
mini DisplayPort No
Micro SD Card No
Bluetooth No
Wifi No