StarVR Corporation StarVR One overview

The StarVR Corporation StarVR One is a tethered VR headset with a wide field of view made by StarVR Corporation, a manufacturer from Taiwan. This is a follow-up to the StarVR HMD.

StarVR corporation is a joint venture between Acer, the ICT company, and Starbreeze Studios, a Swedish entertainment content editor. This joint venture specializes in bringing B2B Virtual Reality services for major VR venues such as Dubaï VR World or IMAX VR centres.

The StarVR One headset offers a range of new features and upgrades to its predecessor but still has a wide FOV and 6DoF. In addition, the VR headset now features an AMOLED display.

StarVR One vs. StarVR

  • Eye tracking: supports foveated rendering and automatic (software-based) IPD adjustment
  • SteamVR Tracking 2.0: supports a tracking volume of up to 10 x 10 meters with 4 base stations
  • Semi-rigid head mount: the HMD is better balanced for added user comfort

The StarVR One XT is a variant of this HMD which includes built-in optical markers which can support optical tracking. This VR headset is also slightly lighter and has a similar head strap to the older Star VR.

StarVR Corporation StarVR One price

Le casque VR StarVR est disponible au prix fabricant de 3200 $.

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