The Tesseract Holoboard Basic Edition is an augmented reality headset for smartphones by Tesseract, a manufacturer based in India. This device is compatible with smartphones running iOS 10.0 and above or Android 6.0 and above. This head-mounted display works with Apple, Google and Samsung flagship smartphones and additional models as well. The Holoboard Basic Edition uses IMU (inertial measurement unit) based tracking as well as proprietary marker-based tracking that makes use of the phone’s front camera. This allows users to interact and place 3D content within the area directly around them.

Basic Edition vs Premium Edition vs Enterprise Edition

Tesseract has created three different versions of its Holoboard headset: the Basic Edition, the Premium Edition, and the Enterprise Edition. The Basic Edition is the only device compatible with both iOS and Android. The Enterprise editions boast a more advanced user interface that allows for 6DoF hand tracking. The Premium Edition is the only headset that comes with a hand tracking module.

Holoboard Basic Edition special features

  • Smartphone compatibility: this device is compatible with a wide range of iOS as well as Android smartphones with displays measuring between 5.5" and 6".
  • 3DoF Controller: includes a touchpad with two programmable buttons.
  • Multi-device collaboration: allows for teams to collaborate thanks to cloud technology as well as with local Wi-Fi.

Tesseract Holoboard Basic Edition price

The Tesseract Holoboard Basic Edition is available at the manufacturer price of $149. Discover other AR headsets as well as VR and AR devices with our comparison engine.