ThirdEye Gen X1 overview

ThirdEye X1 are augmented reality smart glasses made by ThirdEye Gen, an advanced tech manufacturer for the US Department of Defense based in New Jersey, USA.

ThirdEye Gen targets professionals with these augmented reality glasses. The X1 can also be used for educational purposes as well as other industries.

These AR glasses share the user’s point of view with a remote person via video communication and live audio. This video stream can also be recorded. The person viewing remotely can take screenshots and asses the images. Thus they can help to fix a complex field situation. It is also possible to assist the user remotely in real-time on the AR device. This results in better interaction or explanation.

The user controls the hands-free device via head-motion. The ThirdEye X1 is compatible with AR and VR applications on the manufacturer’s platform, ThirdEye App Store.

X1 smart glasses main features

  • Compatible with many AR and VR applications: the AR device is compatible with the ThirdEye App Store content platform.
  • Hands-free device: the user controls the device with head-motion.
  • Real-time screen sharing: it is possible for an external mentor to view AR stream live, annotate on screen, and communicate in real-time with the user.
  • Work design: the design is small and lightweight, and suits any working environment.
  • Batteries: the battery life of the X1 is 8 hours, but it is also possible to switch to external batteries.

ThirdEye X1 price

These AR glasses for professionals are available at the manufacturer price of $1299 (see on Amazon).

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