VRgineers XTAL overview

The VRgineers XTAL is a high-resolution VR headset made by VRgineers, a tech startup company based in the Czech Republic. This is a follow device up to the now discontinued VRHero 5K Plus headset made by the same manufacturer.

An improvement to this PC VR headset is including the Leap Motion hand-tracking sensor, therefore allowing for more accurate hand gestures in a 180 x 180 degrees area.

This virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD) is aimed at enterprise-level professional designers, engineers, training, simulations, etc.

The high-end VR headset is large size-wise compared to devices available in the market. However, it is smaller than the VRHero 5K Plus.

XTAL main features

  • Improved hand tracking: inclusion of the highly regarded Leap Motion hand-tracking offers more accurate tracking.
  • Eye-tracking camera: VRgineer’s AutoEye feature automatically measures the user’s IPD and adjusts accordingly.
  • Large FOV: users can experience 180° field of view for a more interactive VR experience.
  • High-quality resolution: 5K resolution allows for a more realistic and crisp user-experience.
  • Voice recognition: designed to be user-friendly for easier menu interaction and commands.

VRgineers XTAL price

The VRgineers XTAL is available at the manufacturer price of $6,000.

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