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Basic specs Price: $ 235201 €180 £26,559 ¥
Model Mi VR
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Category Standalone VR
Resolution 2560 × 1440 px
Field of view (FOV)
Release date 2018
Country China

Xiaomi Mi VR review

The Xiaomi Mi VR is a standalone VR headset manufactured by Xiaomi, one of China’s biggest tech manufacturers. This all-in-one VR headset is available thanks to a collaboration with Oculus, a Facebook brand.

The Mi VR has the same specs as the Oculus Go, but there are differences in available content. Also, from the outside, the only difference comes down to the color of the design and the label.

The VR device is compatible with some Oculus applications, but most of them aren’t available on the Mi VR for localization reasons. The Mi VR features Chinese applications since the company is partner with iQIYI VR (Chinese Netflix) and Youku VR (Chinese YouTube). Furthermore, Oculus devs have a big opportunity to propose their VR games through the Xiaomi headset to the Chinese audience.

This all-in-one 3DoF VR headset is available either with 32 GB or 64 GB of internal memory.

Mi VR headset main features

  • Built-in audio: there are built-in headphones, but users may also choose to use their own earphones.
  • Compatible with many VR applications: users have access to hundreds of games and apps from different platforms (Oculus as well as Chinese platforms).
  • Adjustable strap: for a more comfortable experience.
  • Xiaomi controller (3DoF): features a trigger, trackpad, and various buttons for a more intuitive and immersive VR experience.
  • High refresh rate: the low latency provides a better experience, and the users feel less about the negative effects of the VR (dizziness, nausea, etc.).

Xiaomi Mi VR price

Please contact the manufacturer for their retail price (also available on Banggood).

Discover other VR headsets and AR glasses with our comparison engine. Xiaomi also produces the Xiaomi Mi VR Play and the Mi VR Play 2.

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Xiaomi Mi VR tests and ratings
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Model Mi VR
Manufacturer Xiaomi
Price $ 235201 €180 £26,559 ¥
Release date 2018
Country China
Status Available
Category Standalone VR


Display type LCD
Resolution 2560 × 1440 px
Refresh rate 72 Hz
Field of view (FOV)

VR/AR Experience

Room scale
360° tracking Yes
Positional tracking
Built-in front camera
Eye tracking
Hand tracking


Usable with glasses Yes
Cooling system
Built-in headphones Yes
Built-in microphone
Flip-up visor
Voice command


Min CPU (Processor)
Min GPU (Graphic Processor)
Min RAM (Memory)


Weight 467 g16.47 oz
Dimensions 190 × 105 × 115 mm7.48 × 4.13 × 4.53 in
Battery life 2.5 h
IPD adjustment
Lens-to-eye adjustment


Micro USB Yes
mini DisplayPort
Micro SD Card
Bluetooth Yes
Wifi Yes
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