M300 Vuzix - VR/AR

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Basic specs Price: $ 999
Model M300
Manufacturer Vuzix (see all products)
Category AR glasses
Field of view (FOV) 20°
Release date 2016
Country United States

Vuzix M300 review

The Vuzix M300 is a pair of professional augmented reality smartglasses (or smart glasses) made by Vuzix, a manufacturer based in the US.

These smart glasses are suitable for enterprise operations (industrial, medical, retail, manufacturing, and logistics applications). Indeed, the M300 glasses adapt to complex working environments, warehouses and construction sites.

The M300’s internal battery lasts about two hours per charge. However, an external battery is available to extend use to 12 hours.

M300 AR glasses main features

  • 64 GB internal memory: enables users to record videos, store information, analyze and scan data and QR-codes.
  • Durability and adaptability: these AR glasses are resistant to dust, dirt, and water. Users may wear them with or without lenses and/or a safety helmet.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity: users may search online, interact with company software in real-time, and access the Internet. These connectivity choices also enable users to connect the M300 to all Android and iOS devices.
  • Touchpad, voice control, and 3DoF head tracking: it is possible to interact with the smart glasses with voice and touch. 3DoF (Degrees of Freedom) track the user’s head rotations.
  • VUZIX Basics Apps platform: Vuzix’s proprietary content platform provides many standard work applications that are easy to use. The platform also provides technical support for both novices and experts in the workplace.

Vuzix M300 price

The Vuzix M300 is available at the manufacturer price of $999.

Vuzix also manufactures the M100, Blade, and iWear. Discover other AR glasses as well as VR headsets with our comparison engine.

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Model M300
Manufacturer Vuzix
Price $ 999
Release date 2016
Country United States
Status Available
Category AR glasses


Display type
Refresh rate
Field of view (FOV) 20°

VR/AR Experience

Room scale
360° tracking Yes
Positional tracking
Built-in front camera Yes
Eye tracking
Hand tracking


Usable with glasses Yes
Cooling system
Built-in headphones
Built-in microphone Yes
Flip-up visor
Voice command Yes


Min CPU (Processor)
Min GPU (Graphic Processor)
Min RAM (Memory)


Battery life 12 h
IPD adjustment
Lens-to-eye adjustment


Micro USB Yes
mini DisplayPort
Micro SD Card
Bluetooth Yes
Wifi Yes
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