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Rift Rift Product description: A 3D printer with a maximum build size of mm, manufactured by Oculus. Customer reviews:
Review of the Rift 3D printer. - by , May 22, 2018
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Basic specs Price: $ 399
Model Rift
Brand Oculus (see all products)
Category PC VR
Resolution 1080 × 1200 px (per eye)
Field of view (FOV) 110°
Release date 2016
Country United States

Oculus Rift review

The Oculus Rift is a tethered virtual reality headset made by Oculus, considered to be a famous and leading manufacturer for VR, based in the United States.

Oculus now manufactures the Rift S.

Oculus famously launched via a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 raising $2.4 million. The company was thereafter purchased by Facebook for $2 billion. It is a brand often credited for bringing VR into the mainstream and helped launch renewed investment into virtual reality technologies and devices.

Despite being one of pioneer VR devices purchased by the mass market, the Rift reportedly suffers from screendoor effect (SDE). This means that visible pixel lines can be seen. Other devices such as the HTC VIVE and Samsung Gear VR have the same issues. This issue has been addressed with newer versions of the Oculus Rift but is still not perfect.

A second factor is halo effect, also called glare, lens flare or light ray artefact effect. This is allegedly due to the Rift’s Fresnel lenses, and other headsets using these lenses have the same issue.

Rift main features

  • Easily adjustable straps: added comfort for users in prolonged use.
  • Ergonomic Touch Controllers: they provide intuitive control and are easy to use.
  • 6DoF: for a fully immersive experience.
  • Intuitive plug-and-play setup: allows all levels of users to start using the Oculus VR headset hassle-free.
  • Oculus content platform: users have access to hundreds of games and apps.

Optional extras include a third sensor for better positional tracking. Oculus earphones are also available separately to replace the on-ear pads for a more immersive audio experience.

Oculus Rift price

The Rift by Oculus is available at the manufacturer price of $399 (see on Amazon).

Oculus also manufactures the Oculus GoDiscover more VR headsets as well as AR glasses with our comparison engine.

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Oculus Rift tests and ratings
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Model Rift
Manufacturer Oculus
Price $ 399
Release date 2016
Country United States
Status Available
Category PC VR


Display type OLED
Resolution 1080 × 1200 px (per eye)
Refresh rate 90 Hz
Field of view (FOV) 110°

VR/AR Experience

Room scale Yes
360° tracking Yes
Positional tracking Yes
Built-in front camera
Eye tracking
Hand tracking


Usable with glasses Yes
Cooling system
Built-in headphones Yes
Built-in microphone Yes
Flip-up visor
Voice command


Min CPU (Processor) Intel i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200, FX4350 or greater
Min GPU (Graphic Processor) NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti / AMD Radeon RX 470 or greater
Min RAM (Memory) 8 GB
OS Microsoft Windows


Weight 470 g
Dimensions 184 × 114 × 89 mm
Battery life
IPD adjustment Yes
Lens-to-eye adjustment Yes


Micro USB
mini DisplayPort
Micro SD Card
Bluetooth Yes
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