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Today, I’m excited to share with you a completely new version of Aniwaa: new design, new logo and, big news, a brand new comparison engine for VR and AR headsets! This is an important day for Aniwaa as it’s the first time we’re stepping out of our comfort zone, the 3D printing world, to tackle a new emerging tech category.

Aniwaa's Phnom Penh team.

Aniwaa’s Phnom Penh team.

Since we launched in 2014, our comparison engines for 3D printers and 3D scanners have become a reference in the industry and are now used every day by thousands of tech enthusiasts, makers and professionals. We’ve set the standard in product comparison for 3D printers and scanners, and helped countless users make informed purchases.

In late 2017, we found ourselves in the same situation that we were a few years ago with 3D printing: we wanted to buy a VR headset to play around in the office, but we struggled to find reliable information and could not get a comprehensive overview of the products available. After looking a bit more into the VR/AR market, we realized it shared 2 important characteristics with the 3D printing ecosystem:

  • AR and VR applications are booming. In the long term, we believe this tech has the potential to revolutionize our personal and professional lives.
  • The VR/AR market is fragmented. There are scores of manufacturers and hundreds of VR/AR headsets available on the market, with dozens more appearing every month. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for users to find the right device based on their needs and budget.

So we decided to build the tool we were looking for and here we are: our VR/AR comparison engine already indexes 100+ headsets and we are constantly adding new products. With this unique database, we’re proud to offer the most complete overview to date of the VR and AR product landscape.

As usual, we offer a comprehensive index of all the products available, with reliable data and our metascore for unbiased ratings. We also strive to deliver intuitive and powerful search and comparison experiences so our users can easily narrow down their options.

Pierre-Antoine testing a VR headset.

Pierre-Antoine testing a VR headset.

Here are a few highlights among the new features we’re shipping today:

  • New comparison engine for VR and AR headsets
  • New filters and updated tech specs for 3D printers comparison engine
  • Redesigned the side-by-side comparison tool
  • New brand identity

When Pierre-Antoine and myself released the first version of Aniwaa 4 years ago, we quickly realized that users were coming to Aniwaa to cut through the noise and find the right 3D printer for them, among the hundreds of products available. Over the years, our commitment to providing reliable and actionable information has earnt us the trust of thousands of makers worldwide. Going ahead, we want to apply the same principles to help our users make the most of emerging technologies beyond 3D printing, starting today with VR and AR.



Martin Lansard, CEO