The team

Pierre-Antoine Arrighi, co-founder

  • Master in Electrotechnology, PhD in Innovation Mgt
  • Worked at Dassault Systèmes for 4 years
  • Lives in Tokyo, Japan

He’s the scientific nerd of the team, and has lots of hands-on experience with 3D printing. PA oversees all our content strategy and our technical consulting.


Pierre-Antoine Arrighi

Martin Lansard, co-founder

  • Master in Management
  • Worked at Google for 5 years
  • Lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

He’s the business guy, focusing on building partnerships and growing the site. And sometimes posting stuff on social media.



Martin Lansard


Hugo Vandernotte, intern


  • Student at Edhec Business School
  • Intern from June to August 2015
  • Lives in Lille, France

Hugo was Aniwaa’s first intern. He did *not* make coffee but he helped us on content production and database management. Hugo loves tennis and can stay up all night to watch a good game.


Hugo Vandernotte


Meriem Nassiri, lead editor


  • Master in Communications
  • Worked at Trace TV for 5 years and Canal+ for 2 years
  • Lives in Brussels, Belgium

Meriem is the editorial girl. She makes sure that what the nerd and the business guy write… makes sense. And when it doesn’t, she makes that funny face and rewrites it! She also loves traveling a lot.


Meriem Nassiri


Angle is a Communication and Design agency based in Paris, France and founded by Mathieu Roland-Gosselin in 2013. We worked closely with Angle to create our new website and relied on their expertise to build a unique user experience on Aniwaa.

Angle also supervised the development of the website, carried out by Greentic, a web development agency based in Lyon, France.


Our story

A word from Pierre-Antoine and Martin, co-founders of Aniwaa

We’re two childhood friends from Toulouse, France, and we share a passion for technology, 3D printing in particular.

We started Aniwaa in October 2012 as a side project, releasing the first public version of the site in June 2013, in English. The site quickly gained traction and we released the French version in January 2014 – so our families would finally understand what we were working on :) .

During the summer 2014, we realized we were ready to take this project to the next level, so we both quit our jobs at cool big companies to focus on Aniwaa and we started thinking about a new version of the site, the V2 (the site you’re browsing now!).

Hugo and Meriem joined the team during the summer 2015 to help us build the V2, which was released in September 2015. We now operate from Japan (Pierre-Antoine) and Cambodia (Martin), and we work with users and partners worldwide. It’s not always easy to juggle with time zones, but we’re now used to working remotely!

We hope Aniwaa will help you better understand how 3D printing can (will!) impact your life, and maybe your work. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line to share your feedback to improve the site, or just say “hi”!


Pierre-Antoine & Martin


But what does Aniwaa mean?

In ancient Japan, a haniwa was a clay figure used as a funerary object during the Kofun period (3rd to 6th century AD).  Haniwas were either buried with the deads or used as grave ornaments (source). These clay figures were built using the wasumi technique, by which coils of clay were layered on top of one another to construct the figure (source): a technique very similar to modern 3D printing.
We liked the sound of the word haniwa but the internet domain was not available. So we tweaked it a bit and arrived at Aniwaa!