Martin Lansard

Co-founder & CEO

Martin Lansard is Aniwaa’s CEO and co-founder. Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he manages the team and daily operations while overseeing the company’s strategy and product development. Highly organized and methodical, he makes sure to infuse these qualities throughout the company.

Martin studied Management at EDHEC Business School, one of France’s leading business schools, and Loyola Marymount University in California. In 2008, after obtaining his Master’s degree, he moved to Dublin, Ireland, where he joined Google’s Sales department. He then moved to New York 2 years later to join the company’s Marketing department where he worked on transforming the recently acquired Zagat brand into an online media. After working for 5 years at the tech giant, Martin chose to dedicate himself full-time to Aniwaa.

Pierre-Antoine Arrighi

Co-founder & Technical advisor

Pierre-Antoine Arrighi is Aniwaa’s Technical Advisor and co-founder. Based in Paris, France, he assists Martin with high-level decisions in regards to the company’s overall strategy. He is also the team’s technical expert and the guiding light for all things related to 3D printing and scanning. He is also a Manager at French consulting firm kxiop.

Pierre-Antoine is an alumni of both Strate Ecole de Design, and ENSEEIHT where he obtained Masters’ degrees in industrial design and engineering, respectively. He then continued his studies at the prestigious École des Mines ParisTECH, in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes, where he obtained his Phd in Innovation Management and Design Theory.

He has worked with a number of startups, companies, research labs as well as schools, for which he implemented engineering and industrial design programs. At the École de Design Nantes Atlantique he taught classes on creativity, industrial history, innovation methods and sustainable development. A part of his post-doctoral work at the Tokyo Institute of Technology was spent on researching immersive reality and 3D printing to enhance the user-experience of collaborative design processes. Pierre-Antoine is a treasure trove of information on a wide range of topics from design theory to computer and cognitive science.


Ludivine Cherdo

Head of content

Ludivine oversees Aniwaa’s content strategy and works towards providing useful, informative content, including detailed guides based on her deep knowledge of the additive manufacturing industry. She also reviews 3D printers and stays on top of industry news to ensure the Aniwaa database is complete.

After growing up in Troy, Michigan and later on living in Spain, Chile, and Cambodia, Ludivine is now based in Troyes, France. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and first joined Aniwaa as an intern in 2017.


Alban Sagot

Lead developer

Alban is Aniwaa’s lead developer. He oversees the product development for Aniwaa websites in English and French languages and ensure our users have the best possible experience. Alban graduated from Université de Rouen in France and has honed his skills as web developer since he was only 13. A self-taught coder, Alban created dozens of websites as a freelancer before becoming a full-time web developer in an agency. He moved to Cambodia and joined Aniwaa in 2019.


Elliot Dupire

AM consultant

As Aniwaa’s main AM consultant, Elliot provides guidance to individuals and companies looking to purchase AM or 3D capture equipment. He also supervises Aniwaa’s partner network, building relationships with key actors in the additive manufacturing industry, from manufacturers to resellers, publishers and more.

Elliot holds a Bachelor in International Business Administration from Marseille’s Kedge Business School, where he embraced the possibility to study and work in Canada, Ireland, and Spain. In 2019, he moved from Barcelona all the way to Phnom Penh to join Aniwaa.


Benedict O’Neill

Contributing editor

Benedict O’Neill has been in the additive manufacturing industry since 2015, working for manufacturers and media outlets (3Ders, 3D Printing Media Network). He received his BA from King’s College London in 2013 and his MA from the University of Amsterdam in 2015.

Benedict lives in Canada and has been a contributing editor at Aniwaa since early 2020 while working on a freelance basis for 3DPMN.


Arno Touré

Marketing Manager

Arno is a Marketing student interested in everything about digital technologies and additive manufacturing. He started exploring the AM industry in 2017 by working for innovative 3D printing service providers such as Sculpteo and Ivaldi Group, where he also strengthened his knowledge about 3D scanning.

After living in San Francisco, California (US) and Kyoto, Japan, Arno is now based in Paris, France and helps create digital marketing content for Aniwaa.