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About us

Our vision

We believe additive manufacturing is changing the world. We aim to make it accessible to companies.

AM is reshaping manufacturing. We’re at an inflection point tipping toward mass adoption of AM.

However, purchasing AM systems is hard for companies of all sizes. The technology is complex, the supply is fragmented, and the customer journey is full of friction.

Our goal: simplify the purchasing experience for AM systems to unlock the power of AM for companies.

Our mission

We help companies purchase the right AM systems from trusted suppliers worldwide. 

Our marketplace facilitates the evaluation, selection, and sourcing of AM systems, in a seamless online experience.

Every day, we proudly serve thousands of users, from industrial buyers to engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, and more.

Our story

Aniwaa’s story starts with two childhood friends from Toulouse (France), Martin and Pierre-Antoine, and their love for technology. In 2014, with a growing fascination for 3D printing, they decided to launch a blog– a passion project that slowly matured into something bigger.

After a few years of tinkering with their 3D printers, the two friends decided to turn their hobby into a business. They had identified several pain points in the buyer’s journey for industrial AM equipment and decided to address them.

The pair raised a small funding round in 2018 to start building the first marketplace dedicated to AM. The site rapidly gained traction and Aniwaa has now become a go-to resource for professional buyers worldwide.