Aniwaa helps individuals and companies research, evaluate and purchase industrial-grade AM equipment.

What we do

Aniwaa has been dedicated to the additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D scanning world for over 7 years, offering the industry’s most comprehensive product database in the form of a convenient, functional comparison platform for 3D printers, 3D scanners, and AM software.

  • We provide in-depth guides, product selections, and comprehensive comparison tools to help our users cut through the clutter and find the right products.
  • We connect potential buyers with trusted suppliers worldwide to get them the information, samples, and quotes they need to finalize their purchase.
  • We help 3D printing and 3D scanning brands connect with our qualified audience of professional buyers actively researching their next purchase.

Our story

Aniwaa’s story starts with two childhood friends from Toulouse (France), Martin and Pierre-Antoine, and their love for technology. In 2013, with a growing fascination for 3D printing, they decided to launch a blog dedicated to the subject– a passion project that quickly grew into something much bigger.

At the time, information about additive manufacturing was scattered across the internet and there were no user-friendly tools available to easily compare 3D printers or 3D scanners.

The site rapidly gained traction. So much so, that only a year after its launch in 2014, both Martin and Pierre-Antoine decided to leave their jobs and work full-time on Aniwaa.

In 2015, a new version of the site was released, with revamped comparison engines and updated product databases. The site’s audience continued to grow and, over the years, Aniwaa strengthened its position as the authoritative source on additive manufacturing and 3D capture hardware.

Today, Aniwaa has evolved into the most comprehensive resource for buyers looking to acquire an AM or 3D capture system. The Aniwaa team has helped hundreds of professionals find the right solution.