3D software - Comparison, guides, reviews and roundups

As the leading comparison and research platform in the additive manufacturing and 3D capture industry, it's only natural for us to cover the software side of things as well.

Our growing 3D software universe aims to cover solutions at all stages of the value chain:

  • 3D design and file preparation, taking into account DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing), generative design, 3D modeling, and slicing

  • AM simulation and workflow, including end-to-end solutions such as MES software but also individual modules for quotation, monitoring, post-processing, and other additive manufacturing software

  • 3D capture, which covers data acquisition, photogrammetry, metrology and part inspection, and reverse engineering
Use our brand new comparison engine to discover all the best 3D software possibilities that exist today and read our comprehensive AM software guides to find out more about features, applications, and more.