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VR headsets and AR glasses - Product roundups, rankings and lists of the best products

To help our readers save time and easily find the best VR headset or AR glasses, we research hundreds of HMDs and select only the best ones, across various categories.

Our virtual and augmented reality headsets round-ups are based on trusted user reviews and feedback, which we collect from dedicated forums and discussion groups (Reddit, Facebook etc), combined with our first-hand product experience and in-depth market research. We then summarize our findings to produce fair and unbiased lists of the best extended reality devices (VR, AR and MR headsets).

Whenever possible we use our rating system, the metascore, based on trusted ratings and reviews. If there is no metascore available, we provide an overview of the top products on the market for the given category, based on our extensive research and industry knowledge, ranked in no particular order.

So, what’s the best VR headset or AR glasses? Find out in our articles below.