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How do I get my products listed on Aniwaa?

We are committed to providing comprehensive and up to date information about the technologies we cover. Our content team scours the internet daily in search of the latest product releases and updates. If your product is not listed, do not hesitate to get in touch with Ludivine, our Head of Content (ludivine @ aniwaa . com). Please note that we never charge or accept any compensation for listing a product.

How can I update my company's products’ information?

It is our mission to provide reliable and up to date information about the products we list in our database and comparison engines. Should your company have updates, more detailed specs or visuals you would like to submit, please get in touch with all the details and Ludivine (ludivine @ aniwaa . com) will get back to you.

Is your blog open to guest writers?

To submit an article to our blog, please get in touch with Ludivine, our Head of Content (ludivine @ aniwaa . com) who will run you through all the steps. We accept posts from industry leaders and experts looking for a platform to share their thoughts and insights. Our audience is made up of tech enthusiasts, advanced and professional users from around the world trying to cut through all the marketing noise. We take the time to review each submission carefully and neither charge nor accept compensation for publication.

How can I buy the products?

We do not sell any of the products listed on our site. However, our content team does curate links to selected third-party resellers which we list when relevant. In some cases, we may receive compensation from affiliate links to Amazon, GearBest, AliExpress and Banggood. For further information, you can read our disclosure for affiliate links here.

Where do you get your pricing information?

Our pricing information is based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). However, the actual price of the device may vary, sometimes significantly, depending on factors such as the country you live in, taxes and the reseller’s pricing policy or location. When a price isn’t available we provide an estimate and invite users to contact the manufacturer directly to get an accurate quote.

How does Aniwaa make money?

We monetize our traffic through advertising and affiliate links. For further information, please check out our company policy page.

How can I be sure your content is trustworthy?

We aim to stand out in the crowded space of “tech reviews” sites by our thorough, hands-on approach and our unbiased editorial line. Our goal is to do the heavy lifting for our users and that means first and foremost, ensuring the data we gather is accurate. Our content team methodically researches each product, one by one, and makes sure to cross reference all the information it brings together. We never charge or accept any compensation for listing or reviewing a product. If you’d like to know more about how our content is produced, please check out our How we work” page to see why you can trust the information you find on Aniwaa.

What does Aniwaa mean?

We chose the name Aniwaa back in 2013 when we were developing the site’s first comparison engine, dedicated to 3D printing. In ancient Japan, a haniwa was a clay figure built using the wasumi technique by which coils of clay are layered on top of one another (source). This is an additive fabrication technique quite similar to how a lot of 3D printers work today. We liked the word, but the domain name haniwa.com was taken so we tweaked it a bit and arrived at Aniwaa!

Do you test all the products you list?

We test as many products as possible. When we do, we write in-depth reviews to help our users get the full picture of the product as well as insights and practical learnings from our tests. Our hands-on experience is then enriched with research to give a balanced and comprehensive review of the device. We never charge or accept any compensation for reviewing a product and return every test device to the manufacturer.