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The EinScan-S: a fast, accurate and affordable desktop 3D scanner

The EinScan-S: a fast, accurate and affordable desktop 3D scanner

The EinScan-S is an easy-to-use, affordable and accurate desktop 3D scanner, from the Chinese manufacturer Shining3D.

Equipped with two scan modes, the EinScan-S makes it easy to capture objects of various sizes and shapes. It even comes with a turntable for smaller objects, and a “one-click” scanning option in the automatic mode.

With the EinScan-S, quickly obtain high-quality scans, ready to be 3D printed!


Simple to use

With the “one-click” scanning option, all you have to do is click to launch a 3D scan.

Color and texture

EinScan-S can capture geometric shape, colors and texture information.

High accuracy

The EinScan-S 3D scanner is based on the white light technology, offering highly detailed scans.


Two scan modes

With an automatic and a free scan mode, the EinScan-S can capture small and large objects.


Ready to print

All the 3D models scanned are ready to be printed, without any editing work.

Faster than ever

Automatic scans take under 3 min to complete, 3x faster than similar desktop 3D scanners.

Review by Maker's Muse

Check out this EinScan-S review by the team of Maker’s Muse!

“I am hugely impressed with the resolution and scan speed of the unit, which puts it ahead in my eyes of all the other units on the market in this price category.”

Technical specifications


Points distance 0.17 mm
Texture/color scanning Yes


Dimensions 24.6 x 12.6 x 0.6 cm
Weight 3.5 kg


Connectivity USB
File formats STL, ASC, OBJ


Scan speed < 3 min (automatic scan mode)
Max. scan volume 70 x 70 x 70 cm (free scan mode)


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