Introducing the Compact S1 Pro Industrial 3D scanner

Canadian 3D Scanning technology manufacturer, Polyga Inc., has upgraded their most popular industrial desktop 3D scanners, the Compact S1 and the Compact S1 Pro. They are faster, more accurate, and simple to use.

Coming in two configurations, Standard and Wide, it’s an ideal scanner for both reverse engineering and inspection applications.

The Compact S1 Pro and S1 Pro Wide enables anyone to capture high-resolution 3D scans. These desktop scanners are designed for and popular with our customers in industries including aerospace, manufacturing, architecture, and medicine.

Durable Industrial Body

Durability is important when you’re scanning in industrial environments. The Compact S1 Pro is constructed using 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and has a scratch-resistant silver finish, built to last. The scanner interfaces with a PC using a locking USB jack for secure connections on moving platforms like robot arms.

The S1 Pro is also easy to use. It comes pre-calibrated, enabling anyone to simply plug in the scanner and start scanning. Users can confidently capture high-accuracy data knowing that every scanner has been calibrated against NIST-calibrated artifacts and benchmarked following VDI/VDE 2634 Part 3 standards. The S1 Pro is one of the most reliable and long-lasting industrial desktop 3D scanners in its class.

Advanced Blue Light Projector

Blue light, in general, provides clearer scans with reduced noise and interference. Moving beyond traditional white light, the Compact Pro features a brighter, high-resolution blue light projector. This enhances clarity but also minimizes noise and interference, ensuring clean and precise scans consistently.

Cameras and Color

Supporting the blue light projector is a pair of high-resolution 5MP cameras that capture highly detailed image data. The S1 Pro improves on the previous iteration of the S1 by being able to capture high-quality color scans without having to lose scanner accuracy.

Using a newly developed color acquisition method, you no longer need to compromise. You get the advantages of both color and monochrome models in one scanner.

Seamless Automation

The Compact S1 Pro Series is automation-ready, easily integrating with industrial automation and robotics platforms with external trigger support. The scanners can also be completely controlled using a variety of programming languages thanks to Polyga’s SB SDK. The SDK provides a versatile platform to fully utilize Polyga’s technology, delivering customized scanning experiences and optimized results.

Why Structured Light

Structured light 3D scanning offers speed and precision. It captures detailed 3D models quickly by projecting light patterns and analyzing distortions. This method scans larger areas faster than laser line-based methods like laser scanning.  As technology advances, structured light remains a valuable tool for industrial 3D scanning.

Affordable x Industrial

Industrial desktop 3D scanners, especially affordable and accessible models like the Compact S1 Pro series enhance efficiency for engineering firms of any size. They enable high-quality control, streamlined product design, and efficient reverse engineering, making these benefits accessible beyond large corporations.

Polyga’s Compact S1 Pro represents a significant advancement in industrial 3D scanning. After years of testing and refinement, it sets a new industry standard.

“The S1 Pro is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence,” expressed Thomas Tong, Founder and CEO of Polyga Inc.

The S1 Pro is available for purchase, featuring pioneering technology, intuitive software, and a robust design aimed at revolutionizing reverse engineering workflows. For more information, visit the Compact S1 Pro website.

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