A compact, powerful handheld 3D scanner

Since it was introduced in 2021, the SIMSCAN has quickly become a staple among professional handheld 3D scanners thanks to its compact size, user-friendliness, and robust performance. With this new version, the 3D scanning efficiency of SIMSCAN is increased by 40% while power consumption is reduced by 20%.

The new SIMSCAN features 42 laser lines, which enhances its scanning efficiency. It boasts a higher level of accuracy and repeatability, and prolonged use does not result in overheating. Its calibration board is made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, which is more resistant to impacts. SIMSCAN is factory-calibrated following the JJF 1951 specification and VDI/VDE 2634 Part 3 standard (see details here). 

SIMSCAN in operation. Source: Scantech

This blue laser 3D scanner is ideal for 3D scanning narrow spaces regardless of environmental restrictions. It is highly portable to be carried around and conduct on-site 3D capture of parts that come in different sizes and finishes. Besides, SIMSCAN’s full-metal housing provides solid protection and ensures superior durability.

Learn more about the new features and benefits of the upgraded SIMSCAN.

Key benefits

Single-handed control and portability

At only 570 g and with its compact dimensions (203 × 80 × 44 mm), SIMSCAN brings unparalleled portability to enable the 3D capture of objects or parts with just one hand. When paired with the wireless communication link AirGo Pro, it supports mobile 3D scanning and data viewing for truly flexible, reliable, and effective measurement experiences. 

3D scanning in hard-to-reach areas

With its built-in HD cameras and three scanning modes, SIMSCAN is well-suited to capture hard-to-reach areas with high precision. The SIMSCAN can capture objects with a rate of up to 2.8 million measurements/s and offers an accuracy of up to 0.020 mm. It is designed to accurately capture objects with complex surfaces, even in confined areas. Indeed, the SIMSCAN has a shorter camera distance than most of its competitors: 130 mm. It has a steeper view angle, which is efficient to 3D scan narrow spaces.

Automated 3D Measurement 

The SIMCAN can also be paired with Scantech’s automated 3D measurement systems for 3D capture workflow automation. Automated high-batch measurement overcomes the limitation of traditional methods and it significantly improves the 3D capture process’ efficiency. 

Applications and use cases

Aircraft inspection 

SIMSCAN is used in the aerospace industry for applications such as acquiring accurate 3D data of aircraft, including curved surfaces and dead corners, leading to a significant reduction in maintenance downtime.

Car customization 

Engineers and designers in the automotive industry can use SIMSCAN to efficiently obtain 3D models of cars, thus allowing an accurate 3D visualization experience to facilitate customizations by users.

Tool inspection in the oil industry

SIMSCAN is often used in quality control in the oil industry, for instance to 3D scan and inspect a diamond drill used for oil drilling (shape of matrix and position of the inlay).

3D capture of medical devices 

SIMSCAN can accurately capture medical devices (including reflective surfaces) for reverse engineering, simulation and training, measurement analysis, and more.