The 3D Systems ProX SLS 6100 is an industrial-grade SLS 3D printer made by 3D Systems, a well-known US manufacturer. The ProX SLS 6100 is a production-grade Nylon 3d printer delivering best-in-class part quality, fast build times and automated production tools. SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) consists in a powerful laser that selectively sinters powder material. This 3D printing technology is able to generate precise and functional, moving parts.

With this additive manufacturing system, professionals can produce high-quality prototypes from a wide range of production-grade materials. The ProX SLS 6100 features automatic sifting and filtering.

To manage and monitor 3D prints remotely, 3D Systems provides its 3D Connect Service. The manufacturer’s proprietary software, 3D Sprint, offers preparation and optimization of CAD data.

3D Systems ProX SLS 6100 materials

3D Systems lets users choose from various high-quality Nylons (PA 11 and PA 12), including:

  • DuraForm ProX EX BLK (black)
  • DuraForm ProX PA (meets ISO 10993-5 and 10 standards)
  • Flame-retardant DuraForm ProX FR1200
  • Glass-filled DuraForm ProX GF
  • Aluminum-filled DuraForm ProX AF+

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3D Systems ProX SLS 6100 price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this SLS additive manufacturing system.

3D Systems manufactures a wide range of 3D printing systems.