SLS Technology Simplified: No Staff, No Infrastructure, No Powder Hassles

Ideal for offices, hospitals, labs or workshops, the SLS 300 offers advanced SLS technology in an office-friendly, plug-and play format. This means that you can print SLS quality functional prototypes, tools and more without the need for specialized staff, investments in infrastructure and complex powder handling.

Benefits of the SLS 300

  • Strong and Flexible: SLS 3D-printed parts with mechanical properties as strong as injection molding without the need for complex infrastructure or expertise.
  • Patented Powder System: Thanks to our patented packaging, the user does not have to come into contact with any powder when filling the machine.
  • Work Remotely: Users can start and monitor print jobs remotely, helping to increase productivity and reduce resource consumption.
  • Easy To Use: Simple user interface guides the user through the end-to-end printing process to maximize uptime and productivity.
  • Plug and Play: CE-certified, easy to install ecosystem that is up and running in less than an hour from delivery. You only need access to a power outlet to start your AM production.