Admatec ADMAFLEX 130 overview

The Admatec ADMAFLEX 130 is an industrial additive manufacturing system able to 3D print ceramic material. Admatec, the manufacturer, is based in the Netherlands and also provides 3D printing services.

The ADMAFLEX 130 is suitable for applications in medical, dental, and jewelry applications. Furthermore, this additive manufacturing system is cost-effective. Indeed, it recycles unused resin for other 3D prints, limiting material waste.

Available ceramic materials for the ADMAFLEX 130 include:

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Zirconium oxide
  • Silicon dioxide

ADMAFLEX 130 ceramic 3D printing

This industrial ceramic 3D printer uses DLP resin 3D printing technology. Ceramic powder is mixed into photosensitive resin, before being solidified by a powerful light projector. A green part (raw, unfinished object) appears layer after layer.

After the 3D printing process, the green part must go through debinding and sintering steps to reach its final form and density. Admatec claims that final parts are 99% dense. The sintering process causes part shrinkage of up to 30%.

Admatec ADMAFLEX 130 price

The manufacturer price of this industrial ceramic 3D printer is around €125,000. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

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