DWS DIGITALWAX 028J overview

The DWS DIGITALWAX 028J is a professional SLA 3D printer from DWS, an Italian manufacturer.

The BluEdge laser head of the DIGITALWAX 028J solidifies a photocurable proprietary resin. It aims for professionals in the jewelry industry.

The DIGITALWAX 028J is a rapid prototyping system. Indeed, this 3D printer can 3D print up to 80 models per day. The DW 028J is able to 3D print 24 hours in a row without interruption.

With a good price-performance ratio and a low running cost, the DIGITALWAX 028J is the perfect choice for fast production of high quality models.


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This 3D printer is also available in a more accurate version called DIGITALWAX 028J HR, with a spot laser of 17 µm instead of 22 µm for the DWS DigitalWax 028J.

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