NXT Factory NXF1 overview

The NXT Factory NXF1 is an industrial, high-speed 3D printer that leverages NXT Factory’s patented QLS technology. This powder-based 3D printing technology, short for Quantum Laser Sintering, is able to sinter an entire layer of powder in under 1 second.

NXT Factory NXF1 QLS technology (Quantum Laser Sintering)

This new 3D printing technology produces fast, industrial-grade results. With QLS, NXT Factory aims to gradually replace traditional injection moulding.

But how does QLS 3D printing work?

A powerful 3,000W laser beam splits into millions of micro lasers by going through beam-shaping optics and a high-power projector. This way, these millions of smaller laser beam reflections can sinter whole layers at a time.

Therefore, the sintering time per layer is up to ten times faster than other 3D printing technologies in current industrial 3D printers.

NXT Factory NXF1 price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this professional 3D printer.