The TerrusM is a SLAM 3D scanner produced by AutoMap. AutoMap is an Australian OEM of autonomous mapping and robotics technology. The TerrusM represents the newest generation of SLAM LiDAR scanners produced by AutoMap. Using Wildcat SLAM, the TerrusM uses advanced techniques to create globally accurate maps which are relevant to reality capture, GIS, and survey applications. Whether it be outdoor or underground, the TerrusM captures accurate, high-resolution colorized point clouds to rapidly document large-scale scenes for asset management and monitoring applications. The TerrusM is especially useful for scanning caves, roads, powerlines, treescapes, buildings, train stations, and many other scenes across mining, construction, rail, port, and plant industry verticals.

TerrusM features

  • Native 360-degree colorization
  • Fully sealed rugged unit
  • GCP's for global realignment
  • Completely automated workflow
  • Touch screen ruggedized terminal
  • AutoMap Terrus M price

AutoMap TerrusM

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