The eviXmatic is a desktop 3D scanning system produced by Polish manufacturer Evatronix. It is designed for intensive and repetitive part inspection. The eviXmatic itself is a kind of "dock" for Evatronix' 3D scanners such as the HD Quadro or HD Optima.

eviXmatic main features

  • Automatic calibration and rotating table: the eviXmatic is able to calibrate itself and capture 3D objects automatically. The objects must weigh between 10 and 30 kg, with dimensions that do not exceed 250 x 650 x 250 mm.
  • 3D Systems Geomagic Control X software: with this software, professionals can generate automatic quality inspection reports. The software compares 3D scans with a reference CAD model to detect part flaws or issues.
  • Anti-slip finish: objects can be held in place in different angles thanks to the automatic turntable's rubbery finish.

eviXmatic HD Quadro vs HD Optima

The Evatronix eviXmatic 3D scanning solution is available in two standard 3D scanner configurations, HD Quadro or HD Optima.

eviXmatic HD Quadro

  • Measuring range between 370 x 265 x 150 mm and 210 x 145 x 90 mm
  • Point density 50 pt/mm² or 161 pt/mm²
  • Accuracy up to 0.0130 mm
  • RGB light source with four 5-MP cameras

eviXmatic HD Optima

  • Measuring range 250 x 170 x 120 mm
  • Point density 116 pt/mm²
  • Blue LED light source with two 5-MP cameras

Evatronix eviXmatic price

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