The NextEngine 3D Scanner ULTRA HD is a professional desktop 3D scanner made by NextEngine, a manufacturer based in the USA.

NextEngine ULTRA HD main features

The NextEngine 3D Scanner ULTRA HD uses laser triangulation technology. This 3D scanner can be used with a rotating table or without it. An array of laser beams is projected on the object at the center of the rotating plate. Degree after degree, the plate turns so that the object can be 3D scanned from all sides. Two minutes are required to 3D scan a single facet, and it can take up to 10 minutes for a complete 3D scan. The Next Engine 3D scanner ULTRA HD is able to:
  • 3D scan large objects: since this 3D scanner can be used without a rotating table, it is possible to 3D scan large objects. Multiple views can be patched together to get objects bigger than the field size. Twin ranges cover Macro and Wide fields.
  • capture colors: useful for online retail, full-color 3D printing, and more.
Like most 3D scanners, NextEngine ULTRA HD is not capable of 3D scanning dark, transparent or reflective surfaces and objects without preparation.

NextEngine 3D Scanner ULTRA HD price

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