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HDI Compact C504 Polyga

HDI Compact C504 Polyga - 3D scanners
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Basic specs Price: $ 19,99017 091 €15,286 £2,259,190 ¥
Model HDI Compact C504
Manufacturer Polyga
Category Desktop
Technology Structured light
Output formats 3D3, ASC, FBX, OBJ, PLY, STL
Max. resolution 0.007 mm0 in
Release date 2019
Country Canada

Polyga HDI Compact C504 review

The HDI Compact C504 is a desktop 3D scanner produced by Polyga. Polyga is a 3D scanner manufacturer based in Canada. 

This plug-and-play 3D scanner is part of Polyga’s HDI Compact series, which also includes the HDI Compact C210, C506, and L6. HDI Compact 3D scanners are suitable for reverse engineering, 3D visualization, and various other professional applications.

The C504 is destined to 3D scan very small objects and features the highest accuracy of its series. It boasts two 5-megapixel cameras and a LED light source in order to 3D capture objects.

HDI Compact C504 main features

  • Industrial grade: the Polyga HDI Compact C series are dust proof and water resistant with a solid aluminum body.
  • High resolution: this 3D scanner’s maximum resolution is 0.0067 mm.
  • FlexScan3D software: the C504 3D scanner comes with Polyga’s proprietary 3D scanning software. It features a number of capabilities, including mesh alignment, merging, filling, and more.

A rotating table is available optionally, and the 3D scanner can be mounted on a robotic arm. It’s also possible to add a texture option in order to obtain color 3D scans.

Polyga HDI Compact C504 price

The HDI Compact C504 is available at the manufacturer price of $19,990.

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HDI Compact C504 Polyga


Model HDI Compact C504
Manufacturer Polyga
Price $ 19,99017 091 €15,286 £2,259,190 ¥
Release date 2019
Country Canada
Status Available
Category Desktop
Technology Structured light
Output formats 3D3, ASC, FBX, OBJ, PLY, STL
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution 0.007 mm0 in
Max. accuracy 0.006 mm0 in
Acquisition speed
Camera resolution 5 MP
Working range 0.007 m
Scanning area (near) 12.1 × 13.2 mm0.48 × 0.52 in
Scanning area (far) 13 × 15 mm0.51 × 0.59 in


Dimensions 49 × 152 × 178 mm1.93 × 5.98 × 7.01 in
Weight 1.77 kg3.9 lb
Power input


Texture/Colors Yes
Tripod Yes
Rotating table Yes
Robotic arm Yes
3D printers
Built-in screen


SD card
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